Noa Lux redefines luxury in home fragrance, launched in 2022 from the vibrant city of Miami, FL. The brand, named after my daughter Noa Victoria, symbolizes 'love' (Noa in Japanese) and 'light' (Lux in Latin), and is a tribute to the powerful connection between scent, memory, and travel.

Our journey at Noa Lux is anchored in a passion for crafting fragrances that not only epitomize quality but also capture the essence of global wanderlust. Each scent is a carefully curated experience, designed to transport you to far-off destinations and treasured moments.

In our pursuit of excellence, we are committed to making a difference. Alongside creating memorable fragrances, Noa Lux proudly supports children's charities, donating 1% of our profits to create brighter futures. #noaluxcares