Why wooden wicks?

We love the luxury aesthetic and find the cracking sound soothing.

Why use coconut apricot wax?

It burns clean and evenly.

What is in your fragrances ?

All fragrances are a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils and are free of parabens and phthalates. 

How often do I need to trim my wick?

Wicks should be trimmed before each burn. No need to trim for the first burn as the wick will already be trimmed to the perfect height.

What if my candle flame becomes too big and there is some smoke?

Trimming your wick is important so that the candle flame is not too big and becomes a hazard. If flame is too big, extinguish the flame, trim wick and relight.

What if I like to burn my candles for a long time?

To maintain a safe environment, candles should be burned for a maximum of 4 hours. To burn for longer, extinguish the candle and let it re-harden and then light again.

I don’t have a wick trimmer so how can I trim my wick?

No biggie! You can pinch off with your fingers using a piece of paper or napkin or some old nail clippers.

Are your candles safe to burn around pets?

Our candles are clean burning and free of toxins which make them safe to burn around pets.

Why did my wax change color?

Depending on the type of fragrance, coconut waxes do sometimes go from a bright white color to light beige once being burned. Sometimes, since the wick is burning wood, the natural tannins from the wood may slightly discolor the wax. It is all still perfectly safe and effective to use.